6th edition >> MARCH 14 TO 24, 2019 <<

Six edits completed. More than 80 invited companies. More than 300 foreign and Portuguese artists. About 200 theater performances, performances, music, dance. Theater for adults, for young people, for childhood. Laughter, tears, suspense, drama, everyday tragedies. Creators, programmers, directors, playwrights, actors, actresses, producers, photographers, mayors, volunteers and the public… very public! New, older rooms to be renovated. With diverse, intense smells of culture. Of theater, very good theater. It is ours, yours, of all who will.  


FITA is a peaceful but huge festival inside. From Alentejo, Alentejo, but for all, in an open window to the sides of the Iberoamerican space. It is the largest theatrical event in southern Portugal, a region that occupies one third of the national territory. It is a festival with an Ibero-American profile, with programming of Theater, Dance and also some Music concerts. We do not want FITA to be just a theatrical show for purely recreational and commercial purposes.


We want it to be a space for dialogue, questioning and driving artistic collaborations among its participants. The curatorship, although eclectic in its genesis, is guided by the quality of the proposals and by the selection of shows with great inclination of social and political questioning.


In 2019, in its sixth edition, we had shows from Cuba, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Honduras, Guinea and, of course, Portugal. In total, FITA presented 46 shows, spread over 9 localities of Alentejo and also in Lisbon, at Casa da América Latina. For 10 days, more than 8,000 people were able to enjoy theater, dance and music that they would probably otherwise not have access to. With free tickets or € 3.00, FITA is for everyone and it is with pride and great satisfaction that we do it inside the country.

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